Tomorrowland Winter 2024: The Experience of a Lifetime

Tomorrowland Winter
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Where to begin? I had high expectations, but I was not let down! Tomorrowland Winter was the most intense event of my life. There were far too many memories and incredible moments for my brain to fully capture. When Tomorrowland first floated the idea of a mountain festival back in early 2018, I knew it was meant for me! As a big fan of skiing and electronic music, it was the perfect combination. It took six years, a pandemic, and a trip around the world for me to finally decide to attend this festival just 3 hours from my hometown.

It was no easy feat, as I was primarily there for Guettapen (full recap here) to cover the event. This included artist interviews and after-parties, which we were partners in. In addition to that, we enjoyed skiing and the festival itself. I can’t complain, I have a fantastic job and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been there. However, I must admit that sleep was in short supply 😅.

Tomorrowland Winter telesiege
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Tomorrowland Winter: 7 Days of Festivity, Skiing, and Music. I’m not even sure how to start this article. Therefore, I think I’ll write it chronologically, which will also help me gain a clearer perspective!

Day 0 – Friday, March 15

The rendezvous was set for Friday with our photographer Clément, and upon arrival in town, we joined our friends to kick off the festivities a day before the festival officially opened. In the evening, while preparing the equipment for the first interviews scheduled for the next day, I realized I had forgotten the SD card for the recorder before leaving. The first interview, planned for 12 hours later, was not going to wait. We considered every possible solution to get our hands on a compatible SD card. It was a lot of unnecessary stress that I had just inflicted on myself. Tomorrowland Winter was not off to the best start.

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Day 1 – Saturday, March 16

It was all hands on deck on Saturday, March 16th, as we were scheduled to conduct interviews with NTO and Joachim Pastor. The mission was clear: find that SD card. Out of nowhere, a local shop named “Photo Breton,” right in the village center, had the exact model I was looking for. I’m still so grateful; it saved me a round trip to Grenoble! But our troubles weren’t over yet. We still hadn’t picked up the keys to Uncle Robert’s apartment, the village mascot (80 years old and still outdoing us all in sports!). The day’s interviews were not at the press hotel as planned but at the Frozen Lotus stage.

So there we were, at the foot of the slopes, slipping into our ski gear, grabbing cameras, microphones, and tripods to head to Frozen Lotus. This stage is located at La Folie Douce Alpe d’Huez, thankfully easily accessible by chairlift. Unfortunately, NTO’s interview was canceled as he was stuck in traffic. However, we successfully conducted the interview with Joachim Pastor. Ski boot interviews were a first for us, and certainly memorable!

Tomorrowland Winter ANNA Vintage Culture
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Tomorrowland Winter is all about connections. That afternoon, I stumbled upon some strangers who invited me for an après-ski at their chalet, which eventually led to the next après-ski in my apartment with friends. That evening, the festival at the village opened its doors, but the Mainstage remained closed until Tuesday when the majority of the festival-goers would arrive.

Later, we had a Guettapen after-party at the Zoo Bar in Alpe d’Huez where I was DJing. I had barely arrived at the festival grounds when it was already time to head to the bar. I can’t even recall who was playing at the festival that night; it all went by so fast. The after-party was insane and lasted until 3 a.m. To the Zoo Bar team, if you’re reading this, you’re the best. But be careful with the number of shooters you serve your DJs guests! An intense first day set the tone for the week!

Day 2 – Sunday, march 17

Sunday was the calmest day of the week in terms of music, so I chose to take advantage of the ski area before the crazy week began (which was a very good idea as the opportunity did not present itself again). The day was marked by a nice set from Gordo, a few ski falls while coming down from Frozen Lotus, an exclusive B2B with Netsky & Andromedik, and a routine visit to the Zoo Bar. The day was more relaxing despite the skiing, allowing us to catch our breath before the following day.

Tomorrowland Winter Netsky Andromedik
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Day 3 – Monday, March 18

The last day in an “intimate” setting before the arrival of festival-goers on Tuesday who opted for the 4-day pass. A good afternoon of Melodic Techno awaited us at Frozen Lotus with Chris Avantgarde playing amidst a snowstorm. This was followed by the duo Agents Of Time, delivering a set that was one of the highlights of the week. In the evening, we partnered with the Igloo club for the after-party, where I was on warm-up duty (my favorite sets). So once again, I didn’t get to enjoy the festival evening so much, but I certainly won’t forget Olympe’s set at CORE that night! She’s the must-see artist of the moment, and it was a delight!

Tomorrowland Winter Olympe
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Okay, off to Igloo for the most unlikely evening of the week! The set went super well, and after me, Peter Base played (if you’re reading this, you’re the best). He invited me to join his friends in VIP for a few drinks. That’s when the trouble started! I got acquainted, and a few drinks later, an Indonesian appeared out of nowhere and decided to buy Salmanazar champagne in series! This was followed by a set from Djs From Mars, more bottles, more music, and a return to the apartment at 6 in the morning (apparently). I don’t like to drink and lose control, but I must admit that things got a little out of hand that night 😅.

Day 4 – Tuesday, March 19

Woke up just four hours later, with just enough time to grab a bite and hit the slopes! The meeting point was at the Crystal Garden stage by Ellesse. The lineup for that day included Tony Romera, B Jones, and Armin van Buuren under a brilliant blue sky! Barely had time to finish Armin’s set before skiing back down to the apartment to get ready. That evening, we had an interview with Tony Romera, this time at the artists’ hotel. It had come full circle; I met Tony back in 2012 at the Kripton Club in Yssingeaux (the real ones know), and 12 years later, we were doing an interview at Tomorrowland Winter!!

We got the scoop on his secret B2B with Henri PFR that night, exchanged a few words with Armin van Buuren in the elevator, and dropped off our stuff at the apartment before finally getting to enjoy the festival. From Tuesday on, the stages stayed open later, and the Mainstage finally opened its doors! The interviews and after-parties were over, we could finally breathe a little! So, Tuesday was marked by the unlikely B2B of Tony Romera and Henri PFR at Brasa (for more details on the stages and the festival, you can read the Guettapen article). Kevin de Vries was in top form, and the stunning Mainstage was finally revealed to us!

Tomorrowland Winter Mainstage 2024
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Day 5 – Wednesday, March 20

Musically, this was arguably the most interesting day. In the afternoon, ANNA and Vintage Culture took turns at Frozen Lotus. We even had a last-minute B2B session between the two Brazilians. The weather was perfect, the set was stunning, truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment! That late afternoon, instead of being sensible and going back to my apartment to rest before the intense evening ahead, I joined an après-ski that went on forever. My only chance to rest for the week was slipping through my fingers.

Tomorrowland Winter ANNA Vintage Culture
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But we don’t get discouraged; back to the festival for a third set by Tony Romera, who was in great shape before his departure for the USA and Miami Music Week. Then, a surprising set by Nina Kraviz dazzled the CORE stage. The closing was performed by Armin van Buuren on the Mainstage, a set that will remain special to me!

Tomorrowland Winter Armin van Buuren
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Day 6 – Thursday, March 21

On the sixth day, I tried to get back on skis, albeit with some difficulty, before heading to see Kolsch at the Crystal Garden and then returning to the station for the penultimate evening. The night was especially marked by a set from Sama’ Abdulhadi, who was in top form. That evening, the lineup was lighter, partly because many artists were heading to Miami Music Week, which was happening simultaneously. This gave us the chance to explore all the festival’s side attractions: a fortune teller was present, food stands catered to every taste, a cocktail bar… Tomorrowland Winter always ensures the experience is unique and surprising!

Tomorrowland Winter Sama Abdulhadi
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Day 7 – Friday, March 22

The last day of Tomorrowland Winter 2024. It’s time to wrap up this magnificent event in the best possible way. Meet up at Frozen Lotus for Dino Lenny and Amber Broos. The sun, friends, and music—nothing could be better to enjoy this final day! Don’t ask me how, but I ended up at an après-ski birthday party at the Club Med in Alpe d’Huez that evening. Then we headed to the festival for the last night. Netsky was in top form, and DJ Boring played the final set on the CORE stage as we know it! We will miss it.

Tomorrowland Winter CORE Stage
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The festival has ended, and we can finally rest! Or so we thought, because a last-minute after-party by Guettapen X Clubbing House featuring a B2B with Florian Svein was happening at Zoo Bar! We spun electro classics until 5 in the morning! I now understand how artists manage to keep up with so many dates. Despite the boundless fatigue, the moment I found myself behind the decks, seeing people dance and smile, and hearing the music flow, my body suddenly found new energy.

The Experience Of A Lifetime

I’m sure I’ve already forgotten some details, like the VIPs showering the crowd with champagne and getting snowballs thrown at them in retaliation, or the person who spilled their entire beer on me at the Moose Bar… When I launched this site, spurred by my friends who were always fascinated by my festival anecdotes, I didn’t think they were that exceptional. But re-reading these lines, I must admit that what happens makes no sense 😂.

Tomorrowland Winter Flag
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Tomorrowland Winter was the experience of a lifetime, and I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to relive such an event. I wish for everyone to experience it at least once! It was beautiful!

Thank you to Guettapen, Clubbing House, Zoo Bar, Igloo Club, Florian, Quentin, Clément, Clément, Uncle Robert, Marija, Kejt, Debby, Frédéric, Jordy, Fabio, Tony, Coralie, Rachel, and all the people I met whose names I’ve forgotten (Sorry 😅), and the entire Tomorrowland team! Also, thanks to everyone who recognized me clowning around in Guettapen’s Insta stories, came up to say hello, and shared your enthusiasm for the media. It warms my heart; we do this work out of passion to share these experiences with you!

Tomorrowland Winter Crystal Garden
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If you’re still here, let me share a tip for your ears: the earproof Pro (-20dB). It’s not sponsored, but I’d be deaf without them right now after this crazy week! They filter and reduce the sound perfectly. You can still enjoy the music while talking to your friends without shouting. You can trust them blindly, and you’ll thank yourself in 10 years!

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