How can I generate more streams on Spotify?

Get streams on Spotify
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Spotify is now the biggest platform on the streaming market. It has more than 600 million users, and every artist now needs to master the platform’s codes if they are to succeed in developing their business. However, it is not necessary to buy streams. If you do, you run the risk of having your Spotify account deleted. What’s more, there are several ways to increase your visibility on Spotify legally.

Declare your Spotify For Artists account

This is where it all starts, create your account to check your artist page and access a wealth of data about your audience, number of streams, etc. Spotify For Artists also lets you view the playlists to which your track has been added. In short, it’s an indispensable set of tools and data for any artist on Spotify.

Create Spotify Canvas

It’s a proven fact that tracks with a Spotify Canva generate more streams. They catch users’ attention. What’s a Canvas? It’s a short video that loops over your tracks. It helps to increase your number of streams and subscribers, while increasing the chances of appearing in playlists.

The canva also appears outside Spotify, on an Instagram story for example, when your track is shared. It’s a great way to get listeners’ attention.

Create your own playlists and keep them up to date

Before you want to appear on other playlists, you need to create your own. Your playlists will unite your community and attract new subscribers. Create playlists based on the mood and themes associated with your musical style. Add tracks by artists who inspire you and match the musical universe you want to create. You can then add your own tracks. Update your playlists regularly to keep your subscribers informed and interested. This will keep your listeners coming back to your profile, which will increase your streams.

Playlists de l'artiste

Feed your social networks

Social networking is the lifeblood of any successful artist’s career. Whether it’s to promote your tracks, your forthcoming events or to forge links with your fans, social networking platforms are essential. Being active on social networks will increase the number of visitors to your Spotify account, as well as streams. And Spotify’s algorithms love this – you’ll be more likely to be featured on important playlists and in algorithmic searches and playlists.

Beyond Spotify, social networks are the best way to create a community and gain credibility, which will benefit you at every level of your career.

Use Spotify’s native tools

Spotify’s native tools allow you to optimise your promotion and simplify access to your tracks.

Spotify Ads Studio

Spotify Ads Studio lets you create ads of 30 seconds or less that play between songs. A clickable image can also be associated with this advert. These ads will only be shown to Spotify’s free subscribers, which represents more than half of all users. So it’s an important tool, because when users are listening, they’re more likely to discover new tracks. This is the best time to showcase your new tracks.

Spotify Ads Studio

The Spotify code

Spotify’s QR code is a great way to share your artist profile, playlists, tracks and albums. It can be used in a variety of ways, from your social networks to stickers you stick up at festivals.

Spotify integrations

Spotify also offers a host of integrations to place on different digital platforms. Add subscribe buttons and Spotify players to make it easier to access your music. A simple HTML code opens up a multitude of possibilities.

Integrate top playlists

It’s important to distinguish between the different types of playlist on Spotify. Each category has its own codes and entry conditions.

Playlists spotify

Editorial playlists

These playlists are populated by Spotify’s editors. Depending on your audience size, your style and your previous streams on Spotify, they will add your track to the corresponding playlists. To appear on algorithmic playlists, it’s essential to pitch your track to the editors via Spotify For Artists, at least a week before the release date.

Algorithmic playlists

These playlists are generated automatically by Spotify. Based on listeners’ tastes, subscriptions and habits, Spotify’s algorithm will suggest playlists that match their tastes.

Major label playlists

The three major record companies, Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music, have their own playlists. Often reserved for artists signed to their labels, they are difficult for independent artists to access.

Independent playlists

These playlists can be created by you and me. You can find playlists for any musical style and any type of audience. To access this type of playlist, there are two solutions: use your network or use platforms such as Groover, Playlistify or Submithub. These platforms put you in touch with the publishers of the playlists you want. You’ll get feedback on your tracks and a chance to appear on their playlists.

Play the long game

Getting millions of streams on Spotify doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long-term process that will test your patience, but if you persevere, it’s totally possible. Spotify is now a must for every artist, and it will never be a major source of income (unless you’re a superstar), but it’s an excellent tool for gaining visibility.

Before you set out to conquer Spotify, it’s essential to be familiar with music rights.

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