A Dream begins

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I’m finally starting this blog dedicated to my adventure in the music industry. The idea came from several friends (you’ll know who you are) who loved hearing my stories of travel and festivals around the world. Many of the tales seemed improbable and hilarious! Looking back, I also realize that what I was experiencing was quite unusual. Endless afterparties, a 24-hour marathon in Sydney for a festival, sneaking into artists’ lodges, hilarious Backstage stories… I’m not sure I can publish it all online 🫢. But there’s still enough to say!

In 2020, I joined Guettapen, one of the biggest media dedicated to electronic music in France. Before having a wonderful experience, I first of all met a bunch of buddies passionate about music, joy and life. It was without doubt the most important turning point in my life. Joining this team gave me a second family and opened up an infinite number of new opportunities. I love this media and what we’re accomplishing. The opening of this personal blog in no way signals the end of my adventures at Guettapen. Rather, I’m looking to create a complementary platform where I can express myself on subjects that are less aligned with the media’s editorial line and that don’t interfere with our upcoming projects.

Music has always been a part of me. From the age of 6, I started learning to play the piano, until I was 18, when I went to my first festivals and learned DJing and music production. Then professional opportunities turned my passion into a job, and I learned a lot. So I’d also like to add a professional dimension to this blog. I’d like to share my thoughts and knowledge with artists wishing to enter the music industry.

This means you’ll find a mix of professional advice, experience sharing, festival recaps… with a generous dose of derision and humor. Starting at the end of February, I’ll be attending A State Of Trance in Rotterdam. It’ll be a great opportunity to share the experience with you!